xs:code Aces for VScode

Get instant chat support from the world’s best open source developers, while Coding in VSCode.

xs:code Aces for VSCode - Instant chat support from ace developers directly in VSCode | Product Hunt

Solve coding problems - while coding

Connect with over 850,000 Ace developers, who create and maintain the world’s top open source projects. An expert’s advice on any language, framework or development issue, is a click away, right inside VSCode.

Find an Ace, Get help.

xs:code Aces for VSCode connects you with Ace open source developers who are ready to provide paid support for any coding issue. Start a chat, explain your problem, and get an offer. Offers start at $5.

Paid support is available at the discretion and responsibility of the developers offering it.

How we match developers

Open source Developers on xs:code (Aces) are ranked using an algorithm that takes into account multiple factors, but gives significant weight to their contributions to open source repositories. Our matching algorithm provides the developers best equipped to help on any topic or open source repository.

Getting started

Install the extension directly on VSCode or from the VSCode marketplace.

Rev-Share SDK Available

Extend any developer-oriented product with xs:code Aces. Use the free xs:code SDK to add instant chat support to your App, platform or VSCode extension – and start earning additional revenue with our revenue-share partner program.