Grant of up to US$15,000 for Redis-Relted Open Source Projects - XSCode International Ltd.

General Information about the Campaign

XSCode International Ltd. initiate a campaign (the “Campaign”) in which it will offer grants in an aggregate amount of up to US$15,000 with the purpose of benefiting XSCode’s users who are Licensors (as defined in our Terms of Service). Such users who will be eligible for the grant pursuant and subject to the terms and conditions below will receive certain payment from us, on top of the payments they are already entitled to pursuant to our Terms of Service and our Payment Terms. Organizations are not eligible for such grant.

Terms and Conditions of the Campaign

  1. Who is entitled: The recipient of the grant is a Licensor with an active account in our Platform (as both capitalized terms are defined in our Terms of Service) and is not an Organization.

  2. Term: The Campaign shall be in effect from May 15th, 2020 to June 14th, 2020 or until US$15,000 of aggregated grant amounts shall be accumulated, the earlier to occur, provided that notwithstanding, we retain the right to terminate the Campaign (and accordingly the provision of grants) earlier, as per our sole discretion, or to change its terms and conditions.

  3. $1:$1 Basis: The eligibility for grants to be made during the term of the Campaign shall be based upon a 1:1 (net-gross) ratio, such that for each net $1 that a Licensor will actually receive from us as consideration that he/she/it is entitled to pursuant to our Terms of Service and our Payment Terms during each calendar month that in which the Campaign is valid, he/she/it will be entitled to an additional $1 gross payment from us, subject to the limitation set forth below.

Monthly net amounts actually received means: (a) after taking into account any fees/commissions that are deducted pursuant to our Terms of Service and our Payment Terms, and (b) taking into account only amounts actually received during such month, and not, for example, amounts attributed to future subscriptions that have not yet been actually received by you. 

Gross means before deduction of the fees and commissions which are described in our Terms of Service and our Payment Terms that will similarly apply to the grants in this Campaign.

  1. Maximum monthly payment: The above-mentioned calendar monthly based calculation of the grant with respect to each Licensor, shall be subject to a ceiling (maximum eligibility) equal to the product of $500, multiplied by the number of such Licensor’s paying Licensees (as such term is defined in our Terms of Service) during such calendar month; and in any event shall not exceed $500 per month.

  2. We reserve the right to prevent certain Licensors from participating in the Campaign, or, to disqualify (disregard), for the purpose of calculating Licensors’ eligibility for the grant, certain sources of Licensors’ income from the Platform, in our sole discretion.

  3. Limitation of Liability: XSCode will not bear any liability, of any kind, in connection with the Campaign.

We’d be happy to receive any input/feedback/suggestions you may have concerning the Campaign. If we find it right, we may adopt/follow such suggestions in whole or in part (and we would be free to do so without any liability, monetary or other, in connection therewith). Please send us your feedback or suggestions by contacting XSCode’s Support at [email protected]