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Value Open Source Video-cast – Ep03 – David Ben Tolila, Vice Chairman of The Israeli IT Chamber

About David Ben Tolila: David was an IT manager in an IDF intelligence unit, former system engineer at Elbit, Founder & Chairman of “Energy Team” ( an IT consultancy firm for large enterprise companies and he is also the Vice-Chairman of The Israeli IT Chamber (

In this episode, David and Chen are talking about the usage of open-source software in large enterprise companies and the benefit of using open source as a methodology.

David welcomes everyone who is interested to visit and register to
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A few highlights from this talk:

  1. Main banks are going to change their legacy system in the next 10 years.
  2. Open source is a revolution and it’s here to stay.
  3. Big enterprise companies understand the cost of not using open source.
  4. IT leaders have to think about open source innovation approaches and new technologies they can bring to their organization.

We welcome everyone who has any type of relationship to open source and want to be a guest in our video-cast.
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