How We Rank Developers

Our mission at xs:code is connecting developers who encounter issues when coding with other developers who can help solve them.

To ensure we provide the best matches between a specific problem and the developer(s) best equipped to solve it, we created a system to classify and rank developers based on their activity.

Important! Developer ranking does not denote who is a better developer, but rather who is better equipped to help others with solving a problem related to specific topics.

Ranking “Aces”

Open source Developers on xs:code (which we call “Aces”) are ranked using an algorithm that takes into account a variety of factors, but gives the most significance to their contributions to open source repositories.

When a developer owns, or contributes to open source repositories, his/her rank increases for topics that are related to those repositories. Topics can be programming languages, frameworks or any tagged topics attached to said repositories. Topic rank increases as the developer makes more contributions to popular repositories. The more stars, forks and commits a repository has, the higher a developer’s ranking will be.

Apart from a specific topic’s score, you can also see an “expert score”, which is a cumulative score to help our users understand how each developer is ranked among his/her peers, so they can make an informed decision about who to contact for help. It’s also pretty cool to see who is ranked higher.

Optimizing the Results

Except for code contributions, the algorithm also takes into account many other factors, including how many followers each developer has on GitHub, how responsive they are on xs:code, reviews they receive and the number of products and services they have sold.

Who is Ranked

To reduce “noise” in search results, contributions to repositories with less than 100 stars on GitHub are not factored into the calculation, nor if the developer is not one of the top 50 contributors of a repository. If you do not own or contribute to a repository with 100 stars or more, you might not find yourself in the leaderboards or when our users search for developers.

The algorithm currently only looks at GitHub repositories, but we are working on extending it to GitLab and other hosting services as well.

We’re Constantly Optimizing

As new contributions are made, and we are constantly measuring and modifying the algorithm, so you may see fluctuations in your rank. We update the ranking table once a month, so be sure to check regularly to see where you stand.

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