5 Milestones We’ve Achieved in 5 Weeks

As an entrepreneur, there’s nothing more exciting than achieving the goals you set. It’s not about project management, social proof or product market fit. It’s just the feeling that you’re doing something right. In this post I’d like to share with you 5 milestones we’ve achieved in the last 5 weeks, how we did it and what were the results.

1. + 300% growth of xs:code’s Organic Community Engagement:

How We Did It: We built and executed a kickass SEO strategy and improved the product step by step with community feedback. We approached other open-source related companies, who share the same values as we do, and collaborated with the community giants Snyk and Redis.

The Results: In 5 weeks, we’ve reached over 23,000 developers organically, and introduced them to open source developers offering services and products for open source repositories.

2. Our First Developer Hit $1,000 in Revenue on xs:code

How We Did It: We went back to the basics. Ever since we launched our MVP 8 months ago, we’ve focused on learning and listening. We’ve surveyed our users and investigated every user journey and each and every open source repository that joined. We then hired the best team, consultants and advisory board to hone in on our vision, the audience, the problem and our solution. 

The Results: After we refined our go-to-market strategy, we implemented features and changes that fit our strategy, and focused only on that. No new features, no major changes.

3. Releasing Insights by xs:code for Free and Making Our Service More Accessible

How We Did It: We  integrated our service in a chrome extension, and launched it as a product on Product Hunt to engage new audiences and expose more developers to our idea.

The Results: We gave value to our users while exploring GitHub, and made the data accessible without changing the user’s workflow. That increased the session duration time by 60% and engaged more users with higher purchase intent. 

4.  46% Growth in Open Source Developers Registration

How We Did It: We developed a GitHub app for open source developers that offers paid support and consulting, which answers issues automatically on GitHub, and exposed more open source developers to the possibility of doing the same. We also improved the onboarding of the new users with a new setup guide and made it easier for them to sign up and start offering services and features instantly.

The Results: We doubled the exposure of our brand and service for every developer who opens a new issue or reviews open issues on Github repositories.

5. We Got Named as IDC Innovators 

How We Did It: Our PR and marketing team did a great job and pitched our progress and content not only to our users, but also to research institutions and vendors.

The Results: We’ve been approached by a lot of VCs and vendors and we’re about to collaborate with some of them soon.

Netanel Mohon is a veteran of the tech industry that has managed and led multiple R&D teams and companies. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer at xs:code.

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