xs:code Developer Spotlight: Matfish2

We’re proud to have reached an exciting milestone more recently here at xs:code. More than 1000 developers decided to be part of the evolution of open source by monetizing their projects. We’d like to shine a spotlight on some of the innovative and creative developers that make up our community, as well as their projects, with our Developer Spotlight series.

First up is Matfish2. Matfish2 is a website developer with a passion for Vue.js. His repository, Vue Tables 2 (1.4K Stars), is a fully featured tool-set for creating beautiful and useful data tables with Vue.js. Used in hundreds of commercial software applications, Vue Tables 2 is constantly growing, improving and getting new features. Matfish2 is offering support time and dual licensing for commercial use. You can learn more about the repository and the products and services that they are offering by visiting their xs:code page

Do you want to become a member of the community? Find out how you can start offering products and services on xs:code.

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