5 Tools to Speed Up Your R&D Team in 2021

As strange as this year has been, we are already nearing the end of summer and the changes and consequences of working remotely are here to stay, at least until the first half of 2021. Here are five free tools any tech-lead can adopt to speed up the development processes and collaborate with other developers.

  1. Codota

Codota is an AI Code completion tool for almost any IDE (it supports Java, Javascript,TypeScript, Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, C, C++, Rust, C#, and pretty much anything else). Working remotely can sometimes be very difficult, especially for junior developers, but even senior developers need a little help from time to time. Codota lets you find the best code examples relevant to your context in the IDE. You can also get suggestions of tested, proven, and debugged code selected from millions of working programs. There are some other key features, but the bottom line is that Codota allows you to code faster and prevent errors and simply get a better code, faster.

  1. Insights by xs:code

Insights by xs:code is a free extension that provides developers with open source repository analytics on Github. The extension analyzes data from multiple sources to help you identify if an open source component on Github is right for your project. With its easy-to-use interface, you team can reach out directly to over 180,000 open source developers and request support for issues such as patches, bug fixes and getting access to permissive licenses. Most of the open source developers on xs:code are offering consulting services for their projects, so with Insights, your team can consult with the developers behind the code if they need additional support to find a solution.

  1. AppWrite

AppWrite is an open-source backend server for web, mobile and flutter developers. Actually, it  is an end-to-end backend server that aims to simplify the complexity of common, and repetitive tasks required for building a modern app. Appwrite provides your developers with a set of APIs, tools and a management console UI to help you build your apps a lot faster and in a much more secure way. Appwrite provides severalt services including user authentication and account management, user preferences, database and storage persistence, cloud functions, localization, image manipulation, scheduled background tasks, and more.

Bottom line: a great open-source solution to speed up development processes.

  1. Boostnote

Boostnote is a stylish, free and open-sourcemarkdown note-app for developers. What’s so great about Boostnote is that it provides folders and tagging tobetter organizeyour notes. It supports checkboxes and includes a progress bar to track the completion of all your tasks. The key features are great for any team who works remotely/ from home. The app includes a search functionality, the ability to write offline and syntax highlight for more than 100 languages. Notes can also be taken as markdown or in code snippet format. 

The Silver Searcher

Time management is one of the most difficult challenges for a developer who works from home. Open source Silver Searcher will help you stay on top of your tasks. The cross platform source code searching tool is similar to Ack (a grep-like tool for programmers), but faster. It runs on Unix-like systems and Windows operating systems. The major difference between the Silver Searcher and Ack is that the former is designed for speed, and benchmark tests prove that it is indeed faster.

Do you have any other recommendations for great tools to speed up the development processes? Let us know on social media or reach out to us [email protected].

Netanel Mohon is a veteran of the tech industry that has managed and led multiple R&D teams and companies. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer at xs:code, aconnecting companies with.

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